The Five Laws of Music course is a classical educational study of the key signatures and how they are related to the modes (scales), triads, intervals, and relative natural, harmonic, and melodic minor scales.



The theory of music (referred to as music theory) can be overwhelming and impossible to understand. “The Five Laws of Music” course will teach you the language of music making it easy to understand and apply. This course is the only course of its kind that truly uncovers the mysteries of ‘music theory’ and treats it as the language of music that anyone can learn and apply. “The Five laws of Music” is a must for the early, intermediate or advanced student.   The professional musician, songwriter, orchestrator, score writer and educator knows the importance of education to expand their capabilities and understanding of the ‘language of music’ to give them the knowledge and tools to use and apply in all areas of music. Performance and mentoring skills are limited by lack of knowledge. This course will give you the understanding necessary to reach any skill level you choose. Knowledge, understanding, and application will no longer have limitations. Music is the universal language limited only by lack of knowledge. Not anymore!

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